Stewed, Screwed, and Tattooed - Harley Davidson Art Show If you’re in Milwaukee this saturday, you probably need to hit up Milwaukee Harley Davidson for the Screwed, Stewed, and Tattooed Art Show. I will be in this art show. It will be cool. GO THERE.

An Evolution and Some Color Usage

In this collection of sketch work (clockwise) – top left: Some early sketch work in the JP&TM style. To the right of that: sketches to work out a female character. Below that: A couple main character sketches. To the right (in color): Work on the Zombie-spit logo and on a zombified twitter icon. Above the logo: A brief peek at my first attempts to being using grey in my comics.

Early Drawings

This page comes from my first attempts to start to work out the zombie-spit style.  Basically, it’s just the old JP&TM style I’d had, but with more decay.  It does make me laugh that instead of a zombie horde, I drew a zombie huddle.  Why would they huddle like that? They’re not afraid of anything, and they don’t need to stay warm.

Regardless, looking back on this page (it was probably done at least 6 months ago), I really like the line-work.  I’d gotten away from that recently (as you’ll see in future posts) but I think I might need to re-introduce a bit of it.

Main Character Face Sketches

So it begins.

The new comic.

There’s so much to do and so much to figure out still.*

It’s a bit overwhelming really.

Nothing to be done for it though. Gotta get started somewhere.

Here’s the plan: As it stands now, the goal is to launch the first actual page of Zombie-spit on October 25th, and run seven consecutive strips on the seven days leading up to Halloween. Not that Zombie-spit is really a ‘Halloween’ comic, but I figure it’s festive enough for the season that if I’m going to launch it in the fall, I may as well incorporate Halloween.

Until then, I hope to keep up an infrequent posting schedule of sketches and information to keep anyone interested up to date.

Wish me luck.

*Ok, so I’m  not actually just starting. This project has been in the works for a long time (8 months I think) and I’ve got a lot of pages of notes on how things need to go and I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding the setup and situation. Still – I’ve got A LOT left to do.